2D/CG VFX – MGFX – Colour – Versioning – ADR – Audio Mix – Sound Design – Dolby 5.1

Creative Outpost is a scalable VFX/Audio Studio offering all aspects of audio & post production, across all advertising mediums.

We are an experienced core team of artists, supported by a satellite network of international talent. We provide the appropriate post solutions to ensure your production is pushed creatively and delivered cost effectively.

Put simply, the best most relevant talent, matched to your project requirements remotely or onsite at our Soho studios.

We’re passionate about post and a friendly bunch. We take immense pride and care wholeheartedly about every project we deliver.

Meet Creative Outpost

  • Danny Etherington

    Managing Director London
  • Quentin Olszewski

    Partner & VFX Supervisor
  • Caroline McNulty

    Head of Production LON
  • Kathryn Wigginton

    Senior Producer
  • Caroline (Caz) McNally-Smith

    Senior Audio Producer
  • Dave Robinson

    Head of Sound
  • James ‘Krispy’ Cornwell

    Senior VFX Artist
  • Tim Gaydon

    Senior VFX Artist
  • Tom Lane

    Sound Engineer
  • Johannes Gustafsson

  • Adrian Coyle

    Data / Transfer / VFX Prep
  • Isabella Lau

    Reception & Client Services
  • Karen Scott

    Resources Manager
Top Floor, Film House, 142 Wardour Street, London W1F 8ZU, 020 7434 1920