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Here, at Creative Outpost, we pride ourselves on laying the correct foundations to build on at the very start of any project. And, that means being part of the production from the early stages of creative development. We’re always available to be on set, assisting with shoot supervision and capturing data, so the production goes smoothly.
As a full-service company we offer end-to-end Post Production services including Offline editing, both onsite or utilising remote work flows, if required.
Our highly regarded, and very experienced colour team can provide both creative and technical solutions from pre-shoot to grade on all types of project.
VFX is a huge part of our DNA and we put our heart and soul into every project. Our VFX team has a wealth of experience and our goal is always to exceed expectations and push the creative visually and on budget.
Our CG team has decades of experience in this field, working on everything from blockbuster features to award winning commercials. They are a true cornerstone of our VFX team.
The icing on the cake with a cherry on top! Our stylish and tasteful design will bring your concept to life.
We have originated and managed campaigns that deliver across 27 international markets. Deliverables are last in the pipeline, but we never underestimate the importance of the final delivery being on time and correct.

We run all the latest versions of industry-leading software including:

Avid Pro Tools Ultimate
EdiCue / EdiPrompt
Source Connect Pro
Session Link Pro
Industry Plug-ins


With our onsite award winning sound designers, we can elevate the audio on any of your projects no matter what the scale. From the humble radio commercial, to fully immersive spatial audio.
We are proud to be a Dolby Certified and Calibrated Atmos Home Entertainment studio, with a powerful 9.1.4 set up in our plush sound suite. We can deliver for multiple broadcasters and streaming platforms, as well as pre-mix for theatrical delivery.
Having provided ADR services for hit shows for Netflix, Disney+ etc. as well as blockbusting movies for Marvel, our ADR team is professional, organised and great at capturing performances from principle characters through to loop groups.
Our team are not only sound designers, but accomplished musicians in their own rights! With a broad depth of compositional skills, spanning countless genres, we can cater to any music brief thrown our way.
Our three sound studios have fantastically isolated sound booths that really shine for Voice Over, Narration and ADR recording and we have a plethora of microphones on site to cater for any project. Working internationally? We run remote workflow tools such as Source Connect Pro and Session Link Pro to name but a few.
Collectively, with over 15 years experience of casting voice artists across TV, Radio, Online & Cinema, we have built strong relationships with a broad range of top voice agents across London, bringing you quality casting, hassle free.
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