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Art is alive and kicking

Creative Outpost recently completed the sound work on the playful multi-media film ‘Dear Art’, which speaks directly to all misunderstood, unloved and ignored pieces of art around the world, inviting them to join an alternative collection that recognises art as being alive. It’s made to celebrate the Sainsbury Centre’s 50th anniversary, where they are breaking tradition and reconceptualising what a museum is with their interactive exhibition, ‘Living Art’.

With vignettes straight out of a Roy Andersson film, this charming spot with director and all time great gent LIAKH (Daniel Liakh) at Spindle, brings out some cheeky humour in the most unexpected place! With an excellently crafted script and charismatic VO, it didn’t take much else to carry this film! 

However Alex, our Senior Sound Designer, and ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ according to LIAKH, was able to dowse the film with little sound nuggets.  If you listen closely you can hear the classic ‘Distant Dog Bark’ as well as the sound of a broken bottle being smashed in the background! 

Alex was tasked with reimagining Johannes Brahms ‘Hungarian Dance No.5’ and dusting off his trusty ivories to rearrange this classical piece of music for piano at the start of the film. Playing with the tempo to match the pace of the edit, as well as programming the music through a retro synthesiser to work over the ‘AI’ art section of the film to add a little flourish midway through. 

It was definitely “Always a pleasure, never a chore” with this project, and we will never look at all those misunderstood pieces of art in the same way again!