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Bank on Barclays to get in on the action

The Creative Outpost audio team worked on the sound design for the recently launched Barclays Business series of ads about the support they give to start-up businesses. The campaign was created by London-based agency BBH.

Head of Sound, Dave Robinson, had the fun job of creating the soundscapes, one of which was for a fictional action game, enabling him to get his creative juices flowing.

“It was great to team up with the guys at BBH and the director Ewan Jones Morris to work on this new campaign for Barclays Business, based around genuine stories about how Barclays has helped a variety of companies get off the ground.

“Although quite different in comparison, each film allowed an opportunity to produce some interesting sound design… particularly ‘XR Games’ which presented the challenge of creating an action-led soundtrack for a ‘made-up’ game to accompany the excellent work done by the animation team. This was right up my street and I had loads of fun playing around with booms, whooshes and rocket sounds to create the soundtrack.

“Along with the animation and sound design, it was decided that the company owners’ themselves would feature, delivering a voiceover testimonial of their respective success stories.”