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Andy Salem, Senior Producer, Creative Outpost

We welcome Senior Producer, Andy Salem to our expanding team. With over 20 years of industry experience, Andy’s tenacity, collaborative nature and meticulous attention to detail really caught our eye. We chat to Andy about his career journey, the industry and his recent move to Creative Outpost.

Andy’s career has been long and diverse. Starting in longform production, Andy quickly realised his passion lay in Post. With various industry roles, including early training as a colourist, Andy settled on producing over operating.

A long established relationship with Creative Outpost’s co-founders, Quentin Olszewski (Q) and Danny Etherington were a big part of the reason Andy chose to make the move from Tag Collective Arts (formerly Smoke & Mirrors/Big Buoy) after 13 years. However, he was also drawn to the appeal of making of a real difference.

Danny and Q convinced me to join, as it was clear there was the opportunity for me to affect change and help build something that we can all be proud of.  I’d worked with Q a lot, in various guises and really enjoyed it. The opportunity to work together on a daily basis was also a huge pull, alongside the amazing creative talent already there, who I can’t wait to get to know and learn from”.

Helping young producers to grow

As a former Head of Production, returning to the more ‘hands-on’ role of Producer was something Andy welcomed wholeheartedly. “I love post production, especially visual effects. I really, really enjoy producing that work. Alongside guiding and mentoring the next generation of producers. Hopefully imparting wisdoms and showing them a trick or two along the way too!”. This was something we knew to be particularly impressive about Andy, given he’s supported and nurtured the rise of many a successful producer and production head throughout his career.

“I am excited to be in an environment that’s way more agile and reactive to our fast-changing industry.”

Andy was also keen to work for an independent. Somewhere with a different approach and culture. “Having left a large corporate organisation, I am excited to be in an environment that is way more agile and reactive to our fast-changing industry. Bureaucracy can be agonizing, hampering creativity.  I’ve come from a large multinational where decisions were impossible without meetings after meetings. By which point, the opportunity is gone. Creative Outpost’s flatter management structure means that we can get things done without all the politics and red tape.”

Working collaboratively

Embracing new technology and having the ability to move quickly is very important to Andy..  “The industry is constantly changing, that’s what makes it interesting and why I love it. Luckily for me, many of the normal workflows are based on old school systems (handy!). Ultimately, it’s about being open. Working collaboratively to problem solve and come up with the best possible ways forward.”

When it comes to AI, Andy’s hope is that it helps, not hinders the post production process and the importance of its operators; “It’s becoming more and more prevalent. And can be a great support, but definitely not a replacement. I think we are a little way off AI making creative decisions, I’m not sure it’s got taste licked just yet.”

Picture and Sound at Creative Outpost

Creative Outpost is a high-end post production facility offering all aspects of audio and visual post-production in a friendly and welcoming setting in the heart of central London. Our team has a wealth of experience providing visual and audio FX across all advertising, film, TV, music and streaming platforms.

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