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Coors - The Bear Necessity

The Creative Outpost sound team worked on the sound design for the recently launched multi-million pound Coors ‘Keep It Fresh’ international advertising campaign. This campaign, created by Havas London and directed by DIARMID at Untold Studios, is a unique and imaginative take on beer advertising that emphasises Coors’ commitment to freshness and innovation. The campaign’s centrepiece is a TV ad that sees four friends hitching a ride to a mountain top bar to enjoy a refreshing, chilled Coors. All by using a unique animal means of transport in the snow.

Sound engineer Tom Lane tells us about the challenges of the creative process. “It’s been so much fun working with all the team from Havas and Diarmid Harrison-Murray (director) on this campaign. With all three regional versions (UK, ROI + APAC) relying heavily on sound design, it was a very enjoyable challenge to take on.

“I have previously worked on Coors campaigns alongside Havas but nothing on this scale. It was my first time working with DIARMID and I really appreciated his strong vision and clear brief for the sound. 

“The UK version follows a group of friends trying to make their way to a mountaintop bar (to drink delicious Coors!). As they can’t hail a taxi, they ride the whole way on the backs of bears called Tony, Lorenzo and Amy. When sound designing the furry trio, there was a fine line between giving them the gravitas they deserve, but also not making them sound too aggressive. I think we found the perfect balance in the final mix. Needless to say, giving the trio a voice was one of the most enjoyable parts of this project. 

“From bringing the bears to life in the UK version, to creating vast sonic landscapes for the ROI and APAC versions, there was always a lot to consider. As all three versions are set in the Rocky Mountains there was a lot of fine tuning needed to create believable but also balanced sonic landscapes. Finding the right reverb for each scene was a challenge but once that was done the rest of the mix fell into place.”

The ad was named Campaign Magazine ‘Ad of the Day’ and got a 5 star review from David Reviews.

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