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Tim Davies, Senior Flame/ VFX Artist, Creative Outpost

Talented Flame/VFX Artist, Tim Davies, has always been creative and started out wanting to be an Audio Engineer.  But he soon changed direction when, fresh out of university, he landed a job as an Online Edit Assistant and there was no looking back. We chat to Tim about his career, changing technology and his recent move to Creative Outpost.

Tim’s love of creating stuff began when he was a child inspired by TV shows which regularly featured presenters making stuff using sticky back plastic and straws.  “It started with wallpaper covered stationery as featured on Blue Peter, we all did that.. right?  And then I progressed to making dodgy pottery and spray painting everything I owned in gold.”

That creativity led him into wanting to be an Audio Engineer but after completing a degree at Ravensbourne he got a job as an online editing assistant and all thoughts of sound work were forgotten.  Enjoying working on the picture side of post production he then worked his way up the ranks. In the early years he put in the hours doing the overnight shift, working on late night promos and music videos, but eventually he got the break he wanted when a position on the day shift opened up, working on commercials. 

Tim has recently made the move to Creative Outpost having spent the last few years working mainly on commercials at Tag Collective Arts.  And, it’s having the opportunity to work, once again, for a company that focuses entirely on post production that was the deciding factor,  “When I went round to meet the guys at Creative Outpost it just felt like I was back in a proper post house again, not some huge corporate machine. It has a great reputation, and the Soho office is stunning! When you think that it was all done during lockdown, it’s even more impressive.”

The fact that Creative Outpost is independent is also important to Tim, “As an independent they’re really in control of their future. This was a major attraction to me. It’s great for everyone, there’s no middle management to get through, which makes it far easier to get decisions made and stuff done, allowing more time to focus on the creative work in hand.

“They’re a lovely, talented, creative, independent bunch who are passionate about what they do. I’m really looking forward to bringing what I have to the table and joining their vision for the future.”

“It felt like I was back in a proper post house again.  They’re a lovely, talented, creative, independent bunch who are passionate about what they do.”

And although he enjoys the work, he has been doing on commercials he is looking forward to working on other genres.  “It will be nice to cross over into different genres. I'd certainly welcome more long-form jobs.  The episodic form is something I've never done before, so that would be great to work on and work with.”

During his career, as technology has changed,  Tim has embraced everything that was on offer – Paintbox, Offline, Online, Henry and now Flame. He’s also been involved in projects using AI.  “I worked on a Lexus ad in 2019 where the script was entirely AI generated. I think that with all these new technologies they’re here to complement rather than replace. I’ve also  recently been involved in digital human research, looking into the possibilities of a completely photoreal CG human. I think it will happen eventually, but ‘uncanny valley’ will take some time to overcome.

“I just make sure I have the best tools in my tool kit. The industry has always been moving forward which is what I love about it. But just because a tool is new and has been developed doesn’t mean it replaces traditional methods, they’re all relevant.”

VFX at Creative Outpost

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