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Pigs might fly when it comes to AI

Creative Outpost has recently completed work on two commercials for Father’s Day, delivering Picture and Sound for The Glenlivet, Scottish whisky and Audio work for Moonpig’s Father’s Day cards.

The Glenlivet commercial shows what happens when you let AI write your Father’s Day ad.  The brand turned to AI chatbot ChatGPT to script the promo and, as you might expect, was presented back with a scenario of a father and sons on a camping trip, fishing together, making a fire from twigs and sticks....You get the drift!

The campaign, created by CPB London and produced by OB Management used real-life families to read the scripts and didn’t tell them they were generated by AI.  The results were enlightening as dialogues quickly opened up about what it really means to be a father.

Intended to slightly send up the shortcomings of AI, the finished piece has moments of warmth, honesty, vulnerability and reflection that director Trevor Gourley didn't anticipate at the start. 

Creative Outpost approached the post production (offline, colour and sound) with great sensitivity, being subtle with the post so as to ensure it didn’t get in the way of the story.

Creative Outpost also did the final audio mix for the latest Moonpig commercial.  The ad campaign, which was created by Creature London and produced by Agile, is a quirky reminder about how easy it is to tell your father he is ‘out of this world’ this coming Father’s Day with a custom made personalised card.  

So no excuses - go to now!

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