Disney - The Ballad of Renegade Nell

Prod Co: Lookout Point TV
VFX Supervisor: Gary Brown
Post Producer: Anne Akande
VFX: Creative Outpost
Producer: Danny Etherington / Andy Oakey
VFX Lead: James 'Krispy' Cornwell

Netflix - One Day

Client: Netflix
Production Company: Drama Republic Limited
PPS: Kate Stannard
PPCs: Laura Johnston & Rickardo Beckles-Burrowes
ADR Supervisor: Laura Lovejoy
Writer: David Nicholls
Producer: Nige Watson
Executive Producers: Roanna Benn & Nicole Taylor
ADR Facility: Creative Outpost
ADR Producer: Péline Liberty Kilinç
Transfer Engineer: Isabella Lau
ADR Recordist: Alex Wilson - Thame

Actors recorded at Creative Outpost:
AMBIKA MOD (Lead Character: Emma Morley)
LEO WOODALL (Lead Character: Dexter)
AMY BOOTH-STEEL (Character: Scottie)
JACK SHEP (Character: Rory)
TIM PRESTON (Character: Gary)
FREYA PARKER (Character: Tracey)
AMBER GRAPPY (Character: Tilly) - remotely from Belfast
CLEA MARTIN (Character: Barbara)
EMILY BUTCHER (Character: Caroline)
IKE BENNETT (Character: Kwame)
ANTHONY CALF (Character: Sid)
JONNY WELDON (Character: Ian)
ALEX GIBSON-GIORGIO (Character: Paddy)
BILLIE GADSDON (Character: Jasmine)
BRENDAN QUINN (Character: Callum) - remotely from Belfast

Disney/Lucas Film - Willow

VFX Breakdown

Amazon Prime - The Rig

Prod Company: Wild Mercury
VFX Supervisor: Stephen Coren
VFX Producer: Mark Wellband
VFX Production Manager: Jimmy Knowles
VFX: Creative Outpost
Producer: Andy Oakey / Danny Etherington
VFX lead: James 'Krispy' Cornwell

WILLOW (Imagine Entertainment / LucasFilm)

ADR Engineers: Benjamin Darier, Milos Stojanovic, Alexander Fielding, Ben Carr
ADR Producer: Péline Kilinç
VFX Artists: James 'Krispy' Cornwell, Ulf Lundgren, Otis Guinness-Walker, Danny Etherington
VFX Producer: Andrew Oakey

Rules Of The Game (Windmill Lane)

PPS: Sarah Mooney

Dialogue Editor: Sophie Mapplebeck

ADR Artists: Alison Steadman, Zoe Tapper, Callie Cooke

ADR Engineer: Alex Fielding

ADR Producer: Vicky Boyens

The Witchfinder (Baby Cow Productions)

Directors: Rob and Neil Gibbons
ADR Artist: Tim Key
ADR Engineer: Alexander Fielding
Audio Producer: Vicky Boyens